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It's easy to book Magpies

Once you have filled in the required Registration Form, available from the 'Downloads' page above, you are ready to book whichever Magpies you need- the same form can be used at any and all settings. Availability of places will vary from setting to setting so simply contact the one you need- visit the 'Contact' page.


Kidlington Playschool


Kidlington Preschool, as it was, and Kidlington Playgroup before that, has been a part of village life since 1967 and has a unique charm and character all of its own, and we will work hard to preserve its special qualities.


Jo, the Manager, will be happy to talk to you and (by arrangement) show you round. Kidlington Playschool is quieter than most preschool settings with two rooms and is especially suitable for more timid children; and parents and carers are made welcome if they want to stay and settle their child down. It's very family friendly, and take children from their second birthday; visits before that are encouraged and welcomed.


Jo can be contacted at any reasonable time (not Sunday) on 07747 474705. Of course you can text message at any time and Jo will respond as soon as she can.


Magpies Preschool

Our sessions will be 9.00- 12.00 in the morning; and 12.00- 3.00pm in the afternoon covering lunchtime.

Unlike some other settings we won't be leaving you standing in the rain, and you are welcome to come in and drop your child off anytime after 8.50am. Please do make sure your child arrives before 9.00am.


In the afternoon you can collect from 3.00pm but if you are collecting from the school as well you can leave it a little later providing your child is collected by 3.10pm.


If you would like a quick word with the staff please make sure that you arrive in good time to drop off before 9.00am or collected by 3.10pm. If you need longer we will be pleased to make an appointment.

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