Once you have filled in the required Registration Form, available from the 'Downloads' page above, you are ready to book whichever Magpies you need- the same form can be used at any and all settings. Availability of places will vary from setting to setting so simply contact the one you need- visit the 'Contact' page.




Parents and Carers at Kidlington Preschool have voted unanimously to join Magpies!



Kidlington Preschool has been a part of village life since 1967 and has a unique charm and character all of its own, and we will work hard to preserve its special qualities.



Jo has made a fantastic start since becoming Manager in September and we are delighted that all of the friendly tight-knit team of Jo, Betty, Chloe and Katherine are staying together.



Kidlington Preschool is a quieter setting with two rooms and is especially suitable for younger and more timid children, and parents and carers are welcome to settle their child down. It's very family friendly, and take children from their second birthday; visits before that are encouraged and welcomed.


We expect Kidlington Preschool to become part of Magpies over Easter and we look forward to them joining us.



We are delighted that our tracking system 'Orbit' has now gone live to parents and carers.


There are automatic safeguards built into the system and only parents and carers who have registered with orbit will be able to access information about their own child.


It's another exciting step forward that will enable access to information about your child whenever you want!

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