Holiday Club open for INSET Cover Monday 5th January



Parents and Carers at Kidlington Preschool have today voted unanimously to join Magpies! 


Kidlington Preschool has been a part of village life since 1967 and has a unique charm and character all of its own, and we will work hard to preserve its special qualities. 


Jo has made a fantastic start since becoming Manager in September and we are delighted that all of the friendly tight-knit team of Jo, Betty, Chloe and Katherine are staying together. 


Kidlington Preschool work hard to be family friendly and take children from their second birthday; visits before that are encouraged and welcomed.




Magpies Preschool are delighted that we have our own EYPS Teacher, who plays a crucial role in improving the learning experience of our children.


We now have a better way of recording the learning journey of children through a secure ‘cloud based’ system that will keep parents better informed.


(Safeguarding: The ipads used to record the information automatically wipe the data as soon as it is stored remotely- no information is ever kept on the ipad. The ipads are not connected to Facebook or any other social media websites).


Our Preschool play surface has been replaced with a fantastic all-weather safety surface.


Our Preschool Woodland area will be a good nature resource and messy area -once it has matured a bit!

The new kitchen at Edward Feild.


Sometimes snow or bad weather forces schools to close making it impossible for us to operate. So if you have heard weather warnings or just looked out the window and seen loads of snow please check here before setting out.